Achievements dialogue sum error?

Here is what my Achievements dialogue looked like earlier today.

These three items were highlighted in blue: a +10 (one upvote on an answer), a +15 (three upvotes on a question), and a -1 (a downvote I cast). The sum of these should be +24 (or possibly +19 or +14 if I had "seen" one or two of the question upvotes already). How could these three sum to +1?

The browser window for this screenshot is >1200 pixels wide, so I don't think it's a compression issue where things are getting cut off, and it's an up-to-date latest release (44.0.2) of Firefox.

This seems like one of those things that will either be obvious to someone other than me right now, OR a real bug.

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How do I properly ask a valid and reasonable question?

So my question is:

How do I ask a question properly? I usually just post a question and I eventually get negative reputation (which is bad, apparently). I still consider myself new, because my questions suck.

Anyways, how do I ask a question that would be valid and be considered reasonably to answer? Is there anything that I should avoid? Thanks.

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Age hot questions faster

In theory, hot questions are intended to be a buzz feed like list of "neat stuff from across the Stack Exchange network."


Could we get them to age a little bit faster? It gets rather boring seeing the same question for an extended period of time.

As I'm typing this, I see on the side a box with a question that I've seen before.

A hot question

This question, when going to the original site:

the question

This is really getting old. Yes, it has 1000 views/day... but I've seen it for two weeks show up on the side. Surely across 152 sites, there has to be something that has only been around for a few days that would do better to provide a continuing interest in the other sites on the network rather than continuing the display of a post that was community protected (deleted posts? new user answers?) a week ago.

Protected a week ago

Make it something fresh to look at rather than something that makes me wonder about blocking them.

(Related and apparently Don't let questions stick to the top of the hot questions list forever )

From an answer there

I agree that two weeks was extreme for that question, but as you can see, it is no longer present.

That is also a very, very rare event. Can you think of another time that has happened since we introduced the MultiCollider?

I don't think we need to rearchitect the entire cross-site hotness algorithm on the basis of a few hundred year floods.

Apparently, these aren't 100 year floods. They're about monthly occurrences.

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How to ask community wiki question?

Note: I have flagged this post to be changed to a community wiki because I'm unable to do so.

I have a few C# interview questions I genuinely wanted to give to our community. I was looking for option to make the question community wiki however I didn't found one.

Can an option be provided to make a new question community wiki?

Btw, the two questions are:

Question 1: Find binary tree diameter - interview problem

You have arrived to the campus and found the building. As you look at the floor plan you notice it's a very strange building, there is no corridor. The rooms are connected to each other like binary tree.

You're at an end leaf room and you have to go to another end leaf room. You're in a hurry, so of course, this is the largest path between two leaves in the tree. How many rooms are on the longest path between these two leaves in the tree?

We store set of integers in a binary search tree serialized to a file. The task is to calculate the diameter of the binary search tree. The diameter of a tree is the number of nodes on the longest path between two terminal nodes (leaves) in the tree.

Hint: The diameter of a tree T is the largest of the following quantities:

  • the diameter of T's left subtree
  • the diameter of T's right subtree
  • the longest path between leaves that goes through the root of T (this can be computed from the heights of the subtrees of T)

Input format: The tree is printed in an ASCII file (integers are printed as charachters) with the following algorithm:

print_node node;
    if there is no left
        print "term"
        print_node node.left

    if there is no right
        print "term"
        print_node node.right

Sample input:

      |    |    
    3        7

is stored as:


Question 2: Decrypt the series - interview problem

In the auditorium the seats are made of pillows. One seat consists of several pillows but most of the seats are higher or lower than the optimal height. The optimal height is represented with 0. If a seat has one pillow less the optimal it's -1, if it has pillows more than it's 2.

You are given the sequence of the seats, N integers. The task is to find the number of continpus sequences of seats where you can arrange the pillows so that all seats in the sequence are at optimal height.

For example if the sequence is: 2, -2, 6, -6, 8

There are 3 such sequences

2, -2
6, -6
2, -2, 6, -6

Input format:

The first line contains a single integer N which denotes the number of integers in the array. The next N lines contains N integers which is the sequence.


1 <= N <=10 ^6 (do not forget that 10^6 squared is a big number, you have a big audience;) -10 <= A[i] <= 10

Output format: One line containing the number of sequences whose sum is zero.

Sample input:


Sample output:


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